Why I do not like Romeo and Juliet

I know my next statement will probably make English majors and romantics cringe, but...I can not stand Romeo and Juliet!

And not just because of the "thees" and "thous" either.

I truly have never been able to understand its appeal — the romanticizing of suicide. One of the major causes of suicide is a divorce, separation or breakup of a relationship. This play, known by many as the "Greatest Literature of All Time," has not helped. Instead, it has wrongly portrayed it as romantic to take your life because of the person you love. In reality, if they would have waited and not taken such a forever resolution to the problem, their lives obviously would have both gotten better very quickly.  

This video portrays my feelings about the play "You love him? You met him Thursday. It's barely Sunday morning. Slow down."

I know that losing a person you love hurts more than anything else, and it does feel like the end of the world. But I think readers need to take a different lesson from Romeo and Juliet. If they would have waited, they would have both realized it had been a big misunderstanding, and they both could have lived "happily ever after." Also, don't ever take a roofie from someone that will stop your heart. Bad idea.

My point is, you never know what the future holds, whether it's within the next couple minutes or within the next several years. And if you lose someone close to you, trust me, that person would want you to do what he or she can't — to live. I know if I personally ever lost my life before my time, I would never want anyone to take their lives because of me.

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