It takes a real man to talk about his problems

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Another Lake Orion teen attempted to take his life this week. In the past four years, the total of lives lost to suicide within the Lake Orion School District is 10.

Thank God this number wasn't raised to 11 this week.

Most of the reported suicides within the Lake Orion School District are men.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, almost four times as many males as females die by suicide.

Why is this?

One main reason is the methods men use are often times different than woman's — and make it less likely to survive. 

Another reason is because, according to statistics, men are less likely to seek help and admit they have a problem. 

The United States has undergone the Women's Rights Movement. Women can now hold the same careers as men do, but there is one equality that many men haven't evolved to. Many men feel the need to hold back their emotions, while most women talk freely about their feelings to their friends. For a man, being called a "girl" is an insult. But I think men could learn a thing or two from us women.

And a little secret — women like it when men talk about their feelings. We're living in a evolving world — a world where men should no longer feel ashamed to be sensitive. Being sensitive is not a dirty word any more.

If your friends make fun of you for it, then they aren't your real friends, and it's time to find some new ones. A strong support system can save your life.

To find a therapist in your area who focuses on depression, visit Psychology Today. And if you feel too "macho" to talk about your problems, not to worry, the sessions are confidential. Therapy works, and studies have shown it can drastically change a man's outlook and relationships.

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