'Silver Linings Playbook': A movie about mental disorders nominated for an Oscar

Yesterday, the Oscar nominations were announced. And I have to admit, I have only seen one of the movies nominated for Best Picture.

But that one movie I saw is a movie I have been meaning to write about since I first saw it.

"Silver Linings Playbook" is a movie starring actors Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro. The main character, former teacher Pat Solitano, moves back in with his parents after a stint in a mental institution. He is diagnosed with Bipolar disorder after he beats up a man he catches his wife having an affair with. Jennifer Lawrence's character suffers from depression after her husband dies in a car accident and Robert De Niro's character, who plays Bradley Cooper's father, suffers from Obsessive-compulsive disorder (mainly in relation to his lucky charms at football games).

Did I mention that this movie is a comedy?
Still from "Silver Linings Playbook"

It shows how two people with their own mental health issues help to save each other (with, of course, the help of therapy and medicine).

The two meet at a dinner party set up by Cooper character's friend — in which they bond over medications they have in common (which is, honestly, one of the funniest scenes in the movie).

To me, this movie shows an excellent portrayal of mental disorders. But, more than that, it helps eliminate the stigma associated with mental disorders and instead shows that everyone has a little bit of a mental disorder (maybe without realizing it). After all, nobody is perfect, and we all have our problems. We all have our own quirks. Such is life.

This movie shows that mental disorders, whether it's depression, bipolar, OCD or schizophrenia, is not a topic that should be hidden or ashamed of. It's a topic that should be talked about -- and maybe even joked about. These characters laugh and joke about their mental disorder and about the things they've had to go through -- instead of being ashamed and locking it down deep within themselves.

This gives me hope, with a movie like this receiving an Oscar nomination, that maybe the world is becoming more accepting of the terms "Bipolar" and "Depression" — erasing the stigma and showing people that it is okay to talk about it. It is okay to be yourself.

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  1. I was JUST reading the nomination list and realized I knew none of the films! Now I have one to go see. Thanks for the review!

    1. You're welcome! I LOVED the movie! I would definitely recommend it (especially since I don't think I could stand sitting through the 3-hour long "Lincoln" or the gruesome "Django" haha).

  2. I loved this movie as well but I see you weren't a fan of Lincoln? haven't seen it but heard it is good.

    1. I honestly never saw "Lincoln" haha. I heard it was good too, but my parents, who saw it, said it was extremely long and hard to pay attention to in parts. And being that I have a short attention span, I'm not sure I would like it haha.

  3. An artistic story. The emotions which are highlighted in the movie are just incredible. No words to comment on this movie. I would say.....It definitely goes for Oscars. James bond Jackets