Paris Jackson attempts suicide, shows life is about so much more than money

Last Wednesday, Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late-King of Pop Michael Jackson, attempted suicide.

After the 15-year-old allegedly took 20 Motrin pills and cut her forearm with a meat cleaver (just the thought makes me feel sympathy pains on my arm), she was taken to a local hospital for a 72-hour psychiatric hold. And yesterday, she transferred to the hospital where her father died.

Her father tried to hide her from the real world -- hiding her face whenever she went out so the media couldn't see her and homeschooling her.

A close family friend said, "As a young child, her world only really included her father, two brothers and household staff."

Photo credit: Paris' Twitter account

And then, all of the sudden with her dad's untimely death, she was thrust into the real world and was enrolled, just two months later, in a California private school. 

At her school, a family friend reported Paris had complained of being bullied and that she felt like an outsider.

Reports say that Paris wanted desperately to have girlfriends and even posted a video of herself giving make-up tips in hopes to relate to other girls. A family member also said that Paris told paramedics, “I want to live. I just don’t want to live here. I wish my daddy was here.”

To me, this proves that money does not make you happy. Obviously, since Paris and her siblings will inherit her father's $1 billion estate at some point.

Many people wish for fame and fortune — thinking it will make their lives better and happier. But this is not the case. And, oftentimes, it only makes life worse.

It's having people who are there for us — to love us, to comfort us and to tell us that everything will be okay — that means so much more than money ever could.

And I hope so much that, once Paris is released, she can find this.

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