Positive things to think about to brighten your day

Sometimes I think we miss the good things in life because we're so busy overanalyzing the things that may have went wrong. If we spent more — or at least as much time — focusing on the happy things, I feel like life would be so much better.

Because being unhappy is a waste of time. It doesn't do anything for anybody.

So, this Friday morning, here's my contribution — some happy things to think about to hopefully make your day a little bit brighter.

• It's Friday! And for those of us who had work off on Memorial Day, it only took four work days this week to get here.

• You're alive!

• You have a roof over your head. (And I'm guessing Internet if you are able to read this blog post)

• "YOU WERE BORN A WINNER – beating out ALL the other spermsicles!" Tia writes in her blog Your Life, Your Way.

• You're alive in a time where slavery is illegal, after the women's rights movement and in the midst of same-sex marriages being legalized across several states. The world is becoming more and more accepting of who people are despite their race, gender or sexual orientation.

• You're also alive in a time where more diseases have cures than ever before.

• Whether you know it or not, you make someone else's life better just by being in it.

• No matter what happened in your past, it's never too late to change your life.

• Even if you are going through a broken heart at the moment, know that it happened for a reason. And there is a man or woman out there for you. Remember that love can and does last forever, and even if you haven't found it yet, someday it will happen for you. Just like it did for these people:

• All it takes to make a stranger's day is a smile or a compliment.

• Afternoon naps and television shows exist so, even when you're having a rough day, you can escape from the world for an hour or two.

• You are not alone in the world. Someone else is going through what you are going through.

• Stop thinking about the mean people in the world. Instead, know that there are plenty of good people out there. Case in point:

• And this...

• There are also good animals in the world, such as this loyal German Shepherd who stands guard over a military man getting some rest at an airport.

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