'Boy Meets World' star Will Friedle describes himself as a 'Panic-Attacker'


Okay, phew, now that I got that out my system, let's talk about the man behind the famous Feeny call —Will Friedle, who played Eric Matthews in my favorite 90's show "Boy Meets World."

So, Will is currently in the same state at me! *cue me reverting back 20 years and screaming like a teeny bopper*

He is in Michigan right now for the Motor City Comic Con. But, upon further research, I discovered that Will is not only in the same physical state as me, but we also have the same "state of mind." (Did ya like that play on words? I thought it was clever.)

I looked up his Twitter last night to see what he had to say about his visit to our great state, and couldn't help but notice how he describes himself in his Twitter bio: "Actor (with my voice and sometimes my face), Writer, Panic-Attacker, Proffessionull Speller and Inventor of the Harpsichord (that last one was just a lie)."

Panic-Attacker. He describes himself as a Panic-Attacker! My first reaction was, "Omg!! He has panic attacks like me!! We're both part of the 'Panic Attack Club!'" And, yes, I know, it's weird for me to get this excited about someone having panic attacks. But something about the fact that he is so unabashedly unashamed of it that he uses it as a descriptor in his Twitter bio, it just made me so happy! And now I have a new word that I can use to describe myself too, a "Panic-Attacker" (thank you, Will).

Last fall, he tweeted this to his followers:
A month later, he opened up to celebrity news website 9TheFix about his anxiety, "When I was about 23 or 24 I got hit with an anxiety disorder pretty badly. It was one of those things that changed the course of my life, and in a lot of ways, it changed it for the better."

I wish we were all so unashamed of our mental disorders that, to us, it was just another word to describe us. Like, "I’m female. I'm caucasian, I'm brunette, I have brown eyes, I'm straight, I'm unmarried...and, oh yeah, I'm a panic-attacker!"

Thank you, Will, for talking about your anxiety disorder and for showing people, like me, that we're not alone and that we shouldn't be ashamed. Maybe we should even wear it across our chests (or on our social media pages) with pride.

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