Tips to avoid anger during holiday shopping, especially on Black Friday

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The holidays are supposed to be a time for families, friends, love and giving.

It's also a time, sadly, when tempers flare. This can be seen by anyone going out Black Friday shopping today. One friend said she saw grown women actually crawling under tables in order to cut in line. Today is a day where inhibitions go out the window and where adults result to animalistic behaviors in order to get the deals they want.

And anyone who watched the Lions game on Thanksgiving can tell that, like many parents shopping today, Ndamukong Suh also suffers from anger management issues -- in what looked like an intentional kick to the Texans' quarterback's groin area.

But make sure, when going out shopping today, not to take a page from Suh's behavioral book. I would not recommend kicking fellow holiday shoppers in the groin while trying to cut in line. And don't get mad at retail store employees either. They are doing the best they can and working today so that they can pay their bills and provide for their families. The last thing they need, as they try to keep their eyes open at the cash register, is for customers yelling at them to "move faster" (in more colorful terms).

Here are tips by the Mayo Clinic to tame your anger:

1. Take a timeout — take a few moments to breath in and breath out (even if you have to stand off to the side at a department store).

2. Once your calm, express your anger in a non-confrontational way — politely tell that person who cut in front of you that you don't appreciate it.

3. Get some exercise — power walk around the store if you're about to erupt

4. Think before you speak — collect your thoughts before you say anything you'll regret

5. Identify possible solutions — are you angry because the item you wanted is out of stock? Look online when you get home; you may find the same deal.

6. Use humor to release tension — make jokes about the long line to those around you in line. It will make you smile and also release the tension of others in line.

7. Practice relaxation skills — put some relaxation music on your IPod to listen to while in line.

8. Know when to seek help — ask a retail employee to help you find something if you are having trouble locating something.

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