If you can't think of any, here are some reasons to live!

I was really excited to go on to Twitter today and see that the hashtag #Reasonstolive was trending. It was good, for once, to see an inspiring message being shared on popular media (when usually trending subjects are just Miley Cyrus and One Direction).

Some people give reasons such as to see how the shows "Game of Thrones" or "Pretty Little Liars" end. Or they gave different foods as their reasons to live -- such as pizza, bacon and cheesecake. And I say, hey, anything that makes you want to live one more day is a good enough reason for me.

To me, whenever things get hard, this thought is always what gets me through -- the possibility that the future will be better.

And, if you end your life, you will never be able to see the "better." You will never be able to see what your future holds.

If you can't think of any reasons to live, here are some more ideas. And, whenever you are feeling down, look at these reasons to remind yourself why you are here.

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