Be careful drinking your green beer tonight (and this morning and afternoon)

It's St. Patrick's Day, the day where there are actually people who start drinking at 7 a.m. (I personally would rather be sleeping, but that's just me).

I work on Saturdays, and it's strange to think, while I'm sitting here at the office, still drinking my coffee, there are people who are already plastered.

I know if I tried to drink for 24 hours straight, with my body weight and alcohol tolerance, I would probably be dead by 2 p.m. (maybe earlier).

Not to kill your buzz, but please be careful drinking today. Every year approximately 75,000 lives will be lost due to alcohol, whether from drinking and driving or drinking too much. You don't want March 17 to be the day always remembered as the day you ruined your life...or others to remember it as the day you ended yours.

Keep in mind: Your liver can process one drink of alcohol per hour (one single shot, one glass of wine, one glass of beer).

According to Intoximeters, Inc. "In general, the less you weigh the more you will be affected by a given amount of alcohol. Alcohol has a high affinity for water. Basically one's blood alcohol concentration is a function of the total amount of alcohol in one's system divided by total body water. So for two individuals with similar body compositions and different weights, the larger individual will achieve lower alcohol concentrations than the smaller one if ingesting the same amount of alcohol. However, for people of the same weight, a well muscled individual will be less affected than someone with a higher percentage of fat since fatty tissue does not contain very much water and will not absorb very much alcohol."

According to, "Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed by some individuals, including those who cannot restrict their alcohol intake, children and adolescents, individuals taking medications that can interact with alcohol, those with specific medical conditions, women of childbearing age who may become pregnant, those who are pregnant, and lactating women."

In front of Irish Tavern in Waterford, at 11 a.m., there was already a party bus out front, waiting for patrons.  This serves as an important reminder — make sure you have a ride if you plan on drinking today. And if the whole "killing people or yourself"chance doesn't freak you out, know that police will be out tonight...more than usual...watching cars leave bars.

List of local cab services from Oakland Web. 
Taxi Service Address City
Oakland Taxi & Airport Transportation
Auburn Hills
Birmingham - Troy Taxi & Airport Transportation

Lancer Cab Corporation
930 W Elmwood Ave # D Clawson
Today's Transportation
20328 Redfern St Detroit
Madd Cab
N/A Drayton Plains
22415 Haynes Ave. Farmington Hills
Van Pool Svc Inc. (car pooling service)
31500 W 13 Mile Rd # 215 Farmington Hills
A-1 Oakland Cab Co.
520 Hilton Rd. Ferndale
Red Ball Checker Cab Corporation
3616 Kent St Flint
Metro Limited Shuttle Services
13135 Lincoln Dr Huntington Woods
AA Southfield Taxi
20855 Lahser Road Southfield
Pontiac Cabs
3 S Glenwood Ave Pontiac
Rochester Area Cab Services
235 W Montcalm St. Pontiac
Elegant Transportation Airport Service
531 Harrison St. Rochester
Rochester Cab
A & A Car Services
802 W 11 Mile Rd Royal Oak
Birmingham-Troy Cab Co.
402 S. Stephenson Hwy. Royal Oak
Madison Diamond Taxi
204 S Sherman Dr Royal Oak
An American Cab Co. Southfield
22349 Prosper Dr Southfield
Southfield Liberty Cab Corporation
20216 N Larkmoor Dr Southfield
Amber Transportation
1197 Rochester Rd Troy
St. Patrick's Angels Inc.
2380 E. Wattles Troy
Oakland Pontiac Airport Cab
Oakland Pontiac Airport Waterford
Abbey Cab Taxi & Airport Services
6732 Highland Rd Waterford
Abbey Cab Taxi Cab & Airport Svc.
7428 Hardisty St. West Bloomfield

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