Photoshop creates women who don't exist

At first glance, you would probably say that these two pictures are of two different women.

After all, they have different shaped eyes, different sized mouths, different shaped nostrils, different shaped face and a slimmer neck. These are all things that even make-up can not change about a person.

So, you may be shocked when I tell you that these two images are of the same woman. And no, this woman did not have plastic surgery.

So how does she look so different in the side-by-side images?

One word.


Photoshop is the one way, cheaper than plastic surgery, that a person can change the shape of their nose, slim down their bodies, make their eyes bigger and make their lips look plumper.

But, at the end of the day, the image you created of yourself is not reality. Just like the image on the right is not real. This person does not exist.

The sad fact is so many girls judge themselves based on images of people who don't exist! How can you be jealous of someone who isn't even real? That would be like being jealous of a Barbie doll.

I'm hoping this may help girls feel better about themselves. It helped me feel better about myself. Because chances are, the women on billboards we may compare ourselves to are everyday women who have been altered by a computer — women who look just like you and me when they grocery shop in sweatpants on Saturday afternoons.

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