Police respond to two murder-suicides within 30 miles in White Lake, Inkster Monday night

The Oakland Press/CAROL HOPKINS
Two murder-suicides between a husband and a wife happened last night within 30 miles from one another last night.

The Violence Policy Center estimates that more than 1,380 murder-suicides take place every year. 

In White Lake Township on Danforth Street, police responded to reports of gunshots and found the bodies of two people in their 30s or 40s in what investigators say is a possible murder-suicide. A neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, called police after the couple's 8-year-old son ran over to his house, knocked on the door and asked for help. He reported that his mother had been shot by his step-father and that the step-father had shot himself.

And in one of the worst scenes police sources say they ever walked in on, it appears Cindy Bailey of Inkster was stabbed more than 60 times by her husband Tony before he set himself on fire in the garage.

It makes me wonder what led up to this. What was going on behind closed doors? What was the spouse who was killed going through? What were the signs?

Honestly one of my first thoughts, besides feeling sick to my stomach, was, "Geez, this makes me never want to get married." 

I have met women abused by their husbands. And this thought terrifies me. I believe that, in this world, women are seen, more and more, as equals to men. But there are still men who don't see it this way and who use physical force to get their way. And ultimately, as in these two cases, this could lead to death. 

I would like to think that, before I get married, I would be able to tell that my husband is not this kind of person and wouldn't do something like this to me. But do you really think these women got into these relationships thinking this is how it would end up? I don't think so.

So, what are some signs that this is how your relationship could end up -- and that you should run, not walk, as fast as you can. 

Many times the abuser will say "If I can't have you, nobody will," reports WPTV

Victims are sometimes abused before their death or threatened -- and told they would suffer major consequences if they tell anyone. 

You are scared to leave and are afraid you may be harmed if you try. 

The person constantly berates you or treats you like a child. 

Any loss like financial status, jobs, or health and a sense of desperation.

Other warning signs include possessive, controlling behaviors, isolation from family and friends and physical, sexual or verbal assault, reports WPTV.

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