Are you respecting others and yourself?

I think one of the biggest problems of this generation is the lack of respect people have for others — and also the lack of respect people have for themselves.

Maybe I'm biased since I live in this generation, but it seems like the most disrespectful era there has ever been. And I think people forget that those around them are human beings with emotions and fears — and not just objects to be used for their professional, sexual or any other kind of gratification.

It's a vicious cycle. There are people who don't respect others. And the people who aren't respected start to view themselves that way too — that maybe that's all they're good for.

But, the sad thing is, many people are afflicted with both. When you are disrespected, it's easy to stop respecting yourself. And when you don't respect yourself, it's difficult to respect those around you.

Here's a way to find out if you are disrespecting yourself without realizing it.

Think about the activities you are taking part in. Is it something you enjoy and want to do? Or is it something you know, in the back of your mind, you are only doing because someone else talked you into it? Or, even worse, because you're afraid someone will be mad at you if you don't agree to it?

Sometimes we're so used to letting people walk all over us that the line becomes blurred of what we actually want to do and what we're doing because we want other people to like us.

When you realize that you are doing things you don't actually want to do — stop doing it. Yeah, you may lose people in your life. But, when all is said and done, those people only thought of you for what you could do for them — and not as an actual person.

Do you let people talk down to you because either a) you think you deserve it or b) you don't want to cause waves? Try sticking up for yourself because you deserve better than that.

Now, think about the way you are treating other people. Do you stop and think how your actions affect those around you? Do you care about the people in your life? Or, when you are with them or talking to them, are you thinking about what they can do for you?

If there are people you are only friends with (or dating or having sex with) because you want them to benefit you, start thinking of them as a human being, just like you are. How would you feel if you found out one of your "friends" felt this way about you?

These are questions I've started to ask myself on a daily basis. And I think if everyone started thinking this way, it really could change the world.

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  1. this is beyond timely in our life right now. Thank you for posting this!