'Life is too short:' Photojournalist Lisl Steiner offers perspective on aging

There are many people who lie about their age when they are under 21 — wanting to be the coveted age when they can purchase alcohol.

After you turned 21, you may have lied about being younger — but did you ever lie again that you were OLDER than you actually were? Probably not.

But that's exactly what photojournalist Lisl Steiner does. She is 87, but she tells everyone that she's 88.

"I make myself one year older. I don't want to look younger or be younger. I like to be one year ahead," she told the media site Upworthy.com.

When asked what her greatest achievement was, she said, "To become 88."

I feel like many times, people fear aging. I think that may be one reason why people report less satisfaction in midlife and why suicide rates rise sharply among those over age 65.

But Steiner, who is known for photographing Fidel Castro, Jimmy Carter and JFK's funeral, shows that a long life should, instead, be celebrated and sought after.

"I'm not going to die before my time," said Steiner.

She's had her work featured in Life, Time, Newsweek and The New York Times. She said she is happy with what she's accomplished in her life.

Steiner, who swears like a sailor, wore bedazzled boots and posed topless for her interview, shows that age is just a number.

 When talking to the interviewer about the newfound wrinkles around her mouth, she said, "It's what I am and not what I look like. And, excuse me, but go f**k yourself if that's a consideration."

"I feel beautiful inside. I am happy to be who I am. I feel good."

I think this world would be a better place if, like Steiner, people stopped being ashamed of their age, and instead embraced it for what it is -- another year of being alive.

She said, "Don't think, 'Oh god, it's going to happen one day.' No use, it's going to happen one day. ... Life is too short."

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