'Rock, Paper, Scissors' commercial promotes anti-bullying, diversity

I remember, as a kid on the playground, there was a group of blonde girls who called my brunette haired friends and me "poop hair colored." And I remember that my best friend bravely stood up to them. (We laugh about it now, but as a kid, these words hurt)

I remember kids throwing wood chips at my head and my friend running away from them with me.  I remember being picked last for gym class nearly everyday, and I especially remember the one girl who picked me first.

When you're bullied or left out and one person sticks up for you, it can make a world of a difference.

The new Android commercial, which debuted during the Academy Awards last weekend, shows the power of sticking up for someone who is being picked on, no matter how different the person may be from you. The commercial has been described as the "real winner of the Oscars."

As a kid, you probably played "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to settle arguments (or maybe you still do). The 70-second commercial, released by Google, shows a piece of paper being bullied and then a pair of scissors scaring off the bullies. Then the paper does the same for a rock, and the three walk off together into the sunset.

In the childhood game, scissors beats paper and paper beats rock. The commercial uses it as an analogy that, instead of fighting against each other, they use their strengths to help one another.

Yeah, it's just a commercial for a cell phone. But I think this commercial could be used to teach children not to bully others and, instead, be there for another and stick up for them.

For more information on how to stop bullying at school, online and in the community, visit www.stopbullying.gov.

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