To Lady Gaga body shamers: You disgust me

So, I can GUARANTEE you that, if I wore tight pants and a midriff-baring shirt, you could see my muffin top from a mile away. And I bet this is the case for most women. Even if you are skinny and fit, if you wear tight pants, yeah, you'll probably have a little pooch. ESPECIALLY if you are moving around or bending forward.

For instance, this model, Anna Victoria, bravely shared a photo on her Instagram of how, yeah, while standing up, her stomach is perfectly flat. I mean, she IS a model. But, even for her, just like with all of us, when she sits, her stomach bends (that's what happens when you sit, after all), and she gets a "roll."

I share this because I am completely and utterly appalled that Lady Gaga has been body shamed for her Super Bowl performance.

Excuse me, what?! Beautiful, talented Lady Gaga?! Who has a rockin' bod and is a complete powerhouse?! Lady Gaga who, get this, is herself an eating disorder survivor?! Fat shamed?! Lady Gaga who is probably AT LEAST 30 pounds lighter than me...and people are making fun of her?!

Like @negan_swing, who tweeted, "Tried to enjoy @ladygaga's performance, was distracted by the flab on her stomach swinging around #SuperBowl." Or @oh_tuesday, who tweeted, "#ladygaga #GagaBowl #fat she looked like a #sumowrestler in the diapers she wore last night. Bad call but her performance was excellent." (There are a lot more but I don't really want to share them. Just wanted to share a couple to show 1. That it's happening and 2. To call out these deplorable Twitter users).

Of course, Anna Victoria had something to say about this: "She looks absolutely amazing in that outfit and I was happy to see her looking healthy and HUMAN. ... You will never please every single person out there so you might as well focus your efforts on pleasing the one person that matters most - YOU."

When women like Gaga are fat shamed, how is that supposed to make the rest of us "normal" people feel?  "Normal," still gorgeous, women who don't get paid to dance and do aerobics in the air. Women who sit at a desk all day or may have had a baby growing inside them! So with this sh**, no wonder so many women have a negative body image. No wonder 20 million women suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder. No wonder beautiful women can't see how beautiful they actually are.

Because women are given these completely unrealistic and, granted, pretty impossible standards. And I can't believe that, even today, this is happening!

But for anyone who may, in turn, feel bad about themselves because of how Gaga was treated, just know this:
1. You are beautiful,
2. The average size for a woman is 12 – 14
3. There are way more people, as evident by all the people who swarmed to protect Gaga, who don’t feel this way
4. Not that it matters, but I’m sure that those fat shaming Gaga aren’t toned, muscular men with six-packs either (most aren't even ballsy enough to show their faces on their accounts). 

Women's Health Mag praised Lady Gaga and her fitness regimen: "Not even a super-ripped star like Lady Gaga will have a perfect six-pack from every angle—and that’s not the point of staying fit and healthy. ... Gaga looks healthy, strong, and ready to slay (which she totally did)."

My friend Kimberly Rogers posted this brilliant response on her Facebook,"This is a perfect example of why women are so self conscious and insecure about themselves & why they don't eat for days or fall into having eating disorders. .I say this because I have been there, I know the feeling! ... This is real life. This is what women look like without all the phot-shop and editing. ... If this tiny bit of 'skin' bothers you, they you better look at yourself in the mirror and reevaluate."

"F*ck societys view of a 'perfect' women & kudos to Gaga for going out there strutting her stuff and doing her thing, knowing she has more to offer then a image of a 'perfect girl.'"

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  1. Women tend to body shame as much as men do, if not more. They just come up with cuter ways of doing it, like saying you have a "dad bod" which means you're out of shape. I guess a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.