A Christmas Depression Poem

I have a confession to make.

It's the Saturday before Christmas - and I'm not in the Christmas spirit.

It's probably because of the fact that I've been on a horror kick lately (much to my boyfriend's dismay - who just wants to watch "The Grinch" and "White Christmas). But..."The Haunting of Hill House," "Bird Box," and "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" on Netflix though!

In my defense I am reading a Christmas novel right now. I mean, well, sort of. It's "NOS4A2" by author Joe Hill - a novel about a supernatural killer who kidnaps children and takes them to "Christmasland." But, I digress.

But, between my dad getting open heart surgery, my brother almost dying and a girl at work trying to get me fired - this year has not been good for my anxiety. So watching happy Christmas movies that all follow the same formula make me depressed instead of happy. But, with horror movies - they make me feel so much better about my life!

I have a couple more days to get in the holiday spirit (I'm going to try my best!)

My friend Lily McNaughton conveyed her feelings about Christmas with this poem (although for me, my depression caused me "12 watched Netflix episodes" instead of "six unwatched episodes). Who else can relate?

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