'Vampire' star cares for humans in real life

Actor Ian Somerhalder, known for dying in "Lost" and then starring in "Vampire Diaries" as the living dead,  has come up with a way to try and reduce bullying and combat bullies' behavioral problems.

Somerhalder is known for his philanthropic work in his nonprofit the Ian Somerhalder Foundation helping animals and the environment. Now he is using this work to also helps humans and the "underdog" (no pun intended).

According to E!, Somerhalder is currently building an eco-friendly, animal sanctuary in Louisiana. People within the legal system have to do a certain amount of community services hours while on probation. In the same way, Somerhalder has proposed opening the animal sanctuary as a place where bullies can volunteer (under supervised situations, of course, so little Johnny with an anger management problem doesn't strangle a dog).

In an interview with E!, Somerhalder said, “If you can empower someone who’s really young, who’s had a really tough go at it, to find compassion by using animals—because it’s so much easier than with people—then you have something.”

“Now you’ve started to engage these kids and they’ll learn not to fight. They really realize what a full life you can have if you just get rid of those demons that we all have.”

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I personally think this is a great idea, and I think all pet organizations (such as the Michigan Humane Society) could adopt their own program from Somerhalder's idea.

I think that several bullies may not have a good home environment where they are taught how to treat other human beings.

And I think this would be a good way for them to learn how to treat a living being, especially a living being that needs to be taken care of. I think if bullies learn to feed a pet and clean up its poop, maybe it will help them learn compassion and patience towards all living beings.

After all, think of how dogs react to pain. They react to being slapped, kicked, neglected and ignored like a human does. And maybe if a bully sees the pain in their "puppy dog eyes," they can see how it bad it is, even more so, to treat another human being this way.

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