Signs of depression

According to SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education), sometimes people with depression can't even see the signs and symptoms themselves. Many times people suffering from depression appear to be happy just prior to the suicide attempt. Many times, people suffering from depression are afraid to tell other people for fear of appearing "crazy" or "weak" (and neither one of these adjectives is true).

In children, SAVE reports that depression can be disguised as school phobia or school avoidance, social phobia, excessive separation anxiety, running away, obsessions or compulsions. Depression is something that's miserable for adults to deal with -- but imagine being only 13 and having to handle these strong emotions.

Here are some other signs of depression:

-Uncontrollable anger or destructive behavior
-Harming animals
-Continual disobedience
-Easily frustrated, low self-confidence, overly sensitive
-Easily distracted
-Energy fluctuations
-Eating/sleeping problems
-Bed wetting
-Impulsiveness, accident-prone
-Panic attacks
-Excessive worrying
-Slowed or disorganized speech
-Dizziness, headaches, stomach aches
-Nail biting

No matter your age, if you feel any of these symptoms, don't be afraid to talk to someone about this.