Health care workers launch anti-bullying website

October is National Anti-Bullying Month, and a consortium of health care workers, business professionals, social workers and youth ministry leaders have come together to launch a combined resource website.

 This site brings resources and services to help parents, schools, students and the community.

"An estimated 160,000 students stay out of school every day in the U.S. because they are afraid of being bullied. That's why this new resource is so critical", said Tracy Hjorth, a youth director at Orchard Grove Community church in Walled Lake.

 In addition, questions can be directed to healthcare professionals whose expertise and skill is in working directly with bullies, victims of bullying, families, interventions and guidance on how to address these issues.

While this grass-roots effort began last March with an Oakland County focus, the website has both local and national resources, all aimed at building environments where bullying is not tolerated.

 "I am very happy our community now has this all-inclusive site focused on supporting students, parents and schools", said Denise Finnerty, former high school teacher and business owner.

 For more information, visit

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